Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coming soon: Something!

As you may have noticed, Culinary Guerilla has been on a brief (nearly two-month long) hiatus.
We have been:
a) More destitute than ever.
c)Changing jobs.
d)Coming up with excuses for not writing a blog post.

However, things seem to be mellowing out. Paychecks should be forthcoming in the near future. We're figuring out where the good grocery stores are. We're learning to cook in a crappy studio apartment kitchen with spartan cooking utensils. We are slowly getting off of our collective butts. Yes we can.

Coming soon, for reals now:
Puerto Rican mofongo (Plantains rule. Incidentally, their scientific name is Musa paradisiaca.)
Flan, in all of its caramelly awesomeness.