Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gordon Ramsay’s steak

The (near) destitute can rarely afford much protein, let alone choice cuts of beef. However, our carnivorous desires had to be sated one way or another.  Standing there in the Wal-Mart meat section a package containing two sirloins for $9.00 sang a siren song. Our mouths watered in anticipation and we made a solemn vow: to eat only ramen for a couple of days (to save some money and justify a steak purchase). We left the store with the two sirloins and a baguette in our bag.

Now, you must understand that once we invested what little money we had left that week into two steaks, we had to make something grand out of it. We got home, took the meat out of the bag and just stared at it. We wondered what the heck we could do with them but no ideas where forthcoming. Our beef had been placed on a pedestal and now we feared to take it off of it. All seemed lost, minutes were passing, the growling in our bellies was rising to a crescendo and still we weren’t touching the steaks.

And then, a culinary champion came riding in with the solution to our sirloin dilemma… Or rather, we found a video on YouTube of one of our favorite chefs, Gordon Ramsay, showing a simple method to cook a killer rare steak at home. We only needed groundnut oil, salt and pepper, a skillet and butter. We were set.
We cooked the steak exactly as Ramsay did here only substituting margarine (poor man’s butter- not so delicate or flavorful, but it would do the job) for butter and olive oil for his groundnut oil.                         
We can’t really improve upon his methods nor offer any suggestions other than to follow what he does. We especially liked his explanation on how to achieve different levels of doneness (rare, medium, well-done) by comparing the firmness to that of certain areas of your hand. Our steaks turned out just as pretty as the ones on the video and they were very nearly the best we’d ever eaten. A better cut is always desirable but this is fantastic if you’re on a tight budget.
Let us know if you enjoyed this!

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